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I do things like write and art and major in English even though I would like to major in everything. Lots of reblobbing--cats, art, social justice, ridiculous things, fan things, current obsessions (Welcome to Night Vale). I also write a fair amount of text posts that are often complainy but sometimes relevant and occasionally optimistic. Interested in mental health. I will talk about my own mental health.

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I hate when people dismiss Gaga’s music—especially “Dance in the Dark”—because it echoes Madonna’s. Yo, that’s the point. Gaga plucks inspiration for her clothing and performances from a regurgitated mixture of pop culture. “Dance in the Dark” sounds like “Vogue,” but it is also a perversion of “Vogue”: whereas Madonna seeks to glorify the celebrities she lists in her rhyming monotone interlude, Gaga copies the style in order to list dead women. Specifically, women who died at the hands of their fame and/or their feelings of being trapped, by men, by culture, by “beauty,” whatever. (Also Liberace, who was HIV-positive and whose health begin to waste away as he lost weight, though people attributed it to the “watermelon diet” [see the twisted values we have about weight and illness].) Gaga knows that everything she does will be measured against the accomplishments of former women celebrities anyway (I mean Madonna is still doing shit but you know what I mean), because this is how our culture treats female artists, as though they are automatically in competition with each other. (And this is why I love Gaga and BeyoncĂ©’s collaboration on the “telephone” songs. They’re two of the most famous pop stars in the world and they are actively not competing with one another. That’s some cool shit.) So instead of pretending the case is otherwise, Lady Gaga is directly responding to these pop culture icons and their treasured creations.

If people don’t like Gaga based on Gaga, that’s cool, I get it. Her feminism is rather clumsy, often inconsistent, and sometimes shallow. Pop music is obviously not everyone’s thing. There are tons of valid reasons to dislike her music, buuuuut I just don’t really get it when people dismiss her because she’s “unoriginal.” Because nearly every damn thing in American pop culture is unoriginal by those standards, and she is well aware of that. Welcome to postmodernism, guys. Go watch Family Guy or some shit. (not really though, family guy blows)